Palm Oil & Derivatives Manufacturer, Refiner, Dealer & Exporter

USHA Edible Oil International Pte, Ltd was established in Singapore, initially as a bulk palm oil trader, and evolving into a palm oil refiner and manufacturer, in light of increasing worldwide demand for edible palm oil products.

USHA Edible Oil is a pioneer in the Singapore palm oil refining community. Since a long time, USHA has been at the forefront of the Edible Oils and Fats industry worldwide

Our range of specialty fats is customized and adhere to stringent quality standards and guidelines as required by our customers located in over 50 countries around the world. Our confectionery fats are used in applications such as molding, coating, and filling and are in high demand by some of the world’s top brands mainly due to the advanced chemical and physical characteristics in them

USHA Edible Oil continues to distinguish itself through exports of prime quality palm oil, its derivatives and downstream products. We have long association with palm oil for our customers as a one-stop center for premium grade palm oil products.

Our portfolio of exports includes products that are available in consumer and industrial packing and are manufactured to parameters designed to surpass international food quality and packaging standards.

Sourcing Of Raw Materials

USHA Edible Oils & Fats sources its raw products from top grade plantations all over Malaysia and Indonesia. Thus, ensuring that the company produces the highest quality of vegetable cooking oil using state-of-the-art standards in refining .

USHA Edible Oil products high quality palm oil, palm kernel oil and Coconut Oil using special technology and supplies intermediate raw materials and final products to customers all over the world.

Brand – Usha ™

Usha exports RBD Palm Oil,100% refined vegetable cooking oil, shortening as well as Cocoa Butter Substitute (CBS) and Cocoa Butter Replacer (CBR), Cocoa Butter Equivalent (CBE) under the USHA brand.

Today, USHA Edible Oil is one of the leading palm oil dealer and exporter refined and derivatives (RBD Palm Oil, Shortening, CBS, CBR, and CBE)

Our Values

USHA is always committed to express its social responsibility through charity events and show gratitude to the society

USHA is always offering food commodities that were cultivated and grown in a sustainable way in accordance with RSPO, MSPO, Organic

USHA is always committed towards sustainability by means of adhering to modern trading practices that allow reduced carbon footprint

Manufacturer-Producer, Exporter, Dealer and Supplier of Olive oil, Vegetable Shortening, Margarine Butter, Virgin Olive Oil, Palm Olein Oil, Palm Kernel, Crude Palm Oil, Vegetable Ghee, Palm Oil Indonesia and Malaysia, RBD Palm oil, Vegetable Oil Cooking, Lauric Oil etc.

Usha Edible Oil International Pte,Ltd

We are Singapore food commodity trading company that managed by high experience genuine team who can share with you a 30 years’ experience in food trading, and corporate office at the United Arab Emirates(U.A.E).

Operation Office:
36 Smith Street #05-3111 New Bridge Center,
Singapore 0503356

Corporate & Marketing Office:

USHA Food Trading LLC.
P.O.Box 385100
Ittihad Road, Sapphire Tower, 9th Floor, Office No.901-44, Deira
Dubai - UAE

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